Our Mission:
To provide useful, free, and searchable information on the internet.

Net Ideas LLC was founded in 2002 and currently owns and operates a
portfolio of websites and services for Internet users and webmasters which
reaches over 75 Million annual web visits from all around the world.

Free Tools for Webmasters

JRank, the site search engine, is a flexible and easy way for webmasters to index web pages and help users find every relevant document on their site. Installing JRank site search is as simple as pasting a short block of code and configuring a few options.

HostIP.info is a free IP address geolocation service anyone can use to locate an IP address, and offers an API to integrate the results into your own website or software.

Resources for the Rest of Us

The JRank site search engine powers all of Net Ideas' informational web sites, including:

Contacting Net Ideas

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